Voting Rights

America's labor movement is committed to championing democracy—in the workplace and at the ballot box.

As we rise to meet the challenges COVID-19 presents to our nation, we know that registering to vote will be critical to making sure working people’s voices are heard and values win on Election Day.

Working people are essential voters—we must make our voices heard this fall and vote in candidates who have working people’s interests at heart, up and down the ballot.

We also know that this year, the enemies of democracy will be working harder than ever to suppress our votes and our voices. They will try to make it even more difficult to vote for millions of Americans. So we’ll have to work harder to make sure our votes, and the votes of all working people in this country, are counted.

Registering to vote is the first crucial step in this process.

A complete and accurate count in the 2020 census is vital to working families in every corner of our country but the enumeration period ends soon and there are still communities with low response rates.