A Tale of Two Town Halls

This week, President Trump took part in an ABC town hall while Vice President Biden took part in a similar event hosted by CNN. While Trump showed us he still does not have a strategy to beat COVID-19 and fix the economy, Biden showed why he has earned our support. Here is some of what working people heard from both town halls.

What Biden Said During the CNN Town Hall:

“Number one, we should make sure that we have national standards laid out so how people can in fact go to work safely and have a national standard.”

“I'm going to do away with the tax break that the President gave people who send jobs abroad.”

“We have to make sure that health care workers are paid and paid a decent wage, and 15 bucks an hour isn't enough for a health care worker.”

“I really do view this campaign as a campaign between Scranton and Park Avenue, and I really mean it. Because you know, the way we were raised up here in this area (Scranton), awful lot of hard working people busting their necks. All they asked for is a shot, just a shot. All that Trump could see from Park Avenue is Wall Street. All he thinks about is the stock market and telling him, we're going to do all right. Everybody who owns stock. How many of you all own stock—now, in my neighborhood in Scranton, not a whole lot of people own stock.”

What Trump Said During the ABC Town Hall:

When asked if he could have done more to stop the spread of COVID-19: “I really don’t think so. I think we did a very good job.”

When asked if COVID-19 would go away without a vaccine: “Sure, over a period of time. Sure, with time it goes away… And you'll develop—you'll develop herd—like a herd mentality. It's going to be—it's going to be herd-developed, and that's going to happen. That will all happen.”

“We are not going to hurt anything having to do with pre-existing conditions. We're not going to hurt pre-existing conditions. And, in fact, just the opposite.”

  • Fact check: The Trump administration is arguing for the Supreme Court to strike down the ACA, which protects millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions.

When asked who thinks masks are a bad idea: “I’ll tell you who those people are: waiters. They come over and they serve you, and they have a mask. And I saw it the other day where they were serving me, and they're playing with the mask.”

"We have 20 percent of the cases because of the fact that we do much more testing. If we wouldn't do testing, you wouldn't have cases. You would have very few cases."

  • Fact check: This is false. Testing does not create cases, it exposes cases.

“Stocks are owned by everybody.”

  • Fact check: This is false. A Gallup poll shows 55 percent of American adults reported owning stock this year. Additionally, NYU found the wealthiest ten percent of Americans own 84 percent of all stocks.