Courts Make Photo ID Less Likely in North Carolina 2020 Voting

With the state and federal preliminary injunctions in place, chances are dwindling that the voter ID requirement will be carried out in any 2020 election. But the Court of Appeals panel disagreed, saying the evidence shows otherwise, pointing in part to rapid passage of the December 2018 law and the absence of certain public assistance IDs on the list of qualifying cards. “All point to the conclusion that discriminatory intent remained a primary motivating factor behind (the law), not the amendment’s directive to create a voter ID law,” Court of Appeals Judge Toby Hampson wrote in the opinion directing the lower court to issue the preliminary injunction. U.S. District Judge Loretta Biggs wrote a similar opinion on Dec. 31, saying the new voter ID rules appear to contain the racially discriminatory taint of the 2013 law. The federal plaintiffs say the new law violates the U.S. Voting Rights Act and Constitution.